3D printed pin

Hytrans asked me to design a new pin to celebrate an employees work anniversary. The pin had to be wearable and had to be made in multiple materials depending on the amount of worked years.

I made the first sketches on my Ipad in the Procreate app and used the final sketch to make a model in Fusion 360.

With the model we were able to make a small test print using an SLA 3D printer to verify it’s size and print ability. Once this was done the file was sent off to Shapeways (a 3d printing service) and they handled the printing in gold and silver.

As a finishing touch I designed a nice knurled box for the pins, the box is 3D printed on an FDM printer. The cap features a name, logo and number of worked years. The cap is printed on an DLP resin printer and finished with gilding wax.

It’s really nice to see a thought go from sketch to a product made from precious metal. A few years ago this was unimaginable!

Software used

  • Procreate
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Simplify 3D 4.1